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What kind of floor mat is good for the kitchen?

The kitchen recommends using polypropylene floor mats.
When we cook, a lot of domestic waste such as oil, water, and vegetable puree is accidentally splashed on the ground. In order to prevent the water and oil in the kitchen from entering the living area, it is necessary to put a floor mat here. Polypropylene floor mats are mostly dark colors, which are not obvious after being soiled, and are relatively easy to clean. Another outstanding advantage of polypropylene floor mats is that the price is average, and the material is also non-superfine and very durable. Using polypropylene floor mats in a dirty environment like the kitchen is really the best option. In addition, cotton pads can also be used, because cotton pads absorb water and oil well, and because they are natural materials, they are safer to use in the kitchen.
Other mat options
Balcony, stairs. The floor mats in these two places mainly play a non-slip role. You can choose a floor mat with acrylic material and non-slip mat.
door. The use of household floor mats here is mainly to scrape sand, decontaminate, and prevent dust from being brought into the room to cause pollution. Therefore, floor mats made of materials with good decontamination effect, wear resistance and easy cleaning should be selected, such as rubber, coconut fiber, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc.
Entrance. Home floor mats can protect the floor and reduce wear and tear on the ground. Therefore, you can choose acrylic mats that are soft and not easy to shed.
bedroom. Nowadays, many people like to put a home mat next to the bed, so that when they get out of bed, they can go down barefoot and not catch a cold. Although there are many material bedside mats on the market, Xianger still recommends that you use cotton or microfiber floor mats in the bedroom. These two kinds of floor mats are safe and pollution-free, completely eliminate the trouble of static electricity, and have a comfortable texture, which is very suitable for bedrooms and children's rooms.
Toilet. Toilets and bathrooms are the places with the most water, and floor mats are placed at the door, mainly for the purpose of absorbing water. Therefore, cotton or microfiber mats should be selected, especially microfiber materials. We step on them directly after taking a bath, which not only absorbs water quickly, but also feels very comfortable.
After we know how to choose floor mats, what color to choose is also a difficult question to choose. We can see dozens of colors of floor mats in the store, which is really dazzling. But what Xianger needs to remind everyone is to try to avoid buying single-color floor mats, because the dirt on the floor mats will appear very prominent and affect the appearance.
What kind of floor mat is good for the kitchen?

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