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Teach you the bathroom anti-skid tips

Don't think that you will not slip if you place the bathroom anti-slip mat. If you use it improperly, it will protect you and become slippery at any time. Before buying an anti-slip mat, you should measure the size of the bathtub to avoid the anti-slip mat being too large and rolling up the edges.
1. Avoid purchasing non-slip mats that are difficult to level, unevenly distributed at the bottom, or cannot effectively absorb the plane.
2. Note that the contact surface between the anti-skid pad and the sole of the foot should have a deeper pattern or rough surface to reduce the chance of slipping.
3. The anti-slip mat just bought may have creases, so it can be soaked in warm water first, or pressed with a heavy object until it is flat before use.
4. Make sure the ground is clean before placing the non-slip mat. If the area of ​​the shower is made of rough or uneven materials, the suction cup may not be able to effectively absorb the surface, and the anti-skid pad should be removed to avoid accidents.
5. When showering, try to stand in the center of the anti-skid pad, because the surrounding areas are easier to roll up.
6. Bath oil has the opportunity to affect the anti-skid performance of the anti-skid pad, so you must pay more attention when bathing.
7. Regularly check and rinse the surface and bottom of the anti-skid pad to prevent the growth of mold and affect the anti-skid performance.
8. If there are elderly people at home, it is recommended to convert the bathtub into a shower room without sills or a lower platform, install handrails, and lay non-slip floor tiles or non-slip mats.
Teach you the bathroom anti-skid tips

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