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Safety in the bathroom

Children like to take a bath and play, and the bathroom can be described as a children's playground. However, if the awareness of prevention is poor, this so-called playground will bring a lot of trouble, such as those dangerous electrical appliances, wet ground and so on will become a headache for mothers. Therefore, we should try our best to take bathroom safety to prevent the occurrence of danger.
The key points of bathroom safety layout:
1. In order to prevent the baby from being locked in the bathroom, it is necessary to check whether the door lock can be opened by an adult from the outside.
2. Plug in safety insulation covers for all sockets in the bathroom.
3. The shower curtain or curtain in the bathroom should be kept clean and at a certain height, so as not to be easily caught by the baby.
4. Wrap the bathtub faucet with an anti-collision rubber cover or a towel.
5. Affix the PVC non-slip mat to the bottom of the bathtub.
6. Don't let the baby know the location of the floor drain, so as not to let the baby put his hand into the floor drain or pick up the garbage in the floor.
7. Put cosmetics, detergents, soaps, etc. out of the baby's reach. In addition, soaps are placed on the non-slip soap dish.
8. Put a non-slip plastic stool on the toilet to reduce the chance of falling.
9. It is best not to put the hair dryer in the bathroom to avoid leakage.
10. Every time you use the toilet, you must cover the non-slip toilet cover, which is both safe and hygienic.
Safety points for bathroom use:
1. Prevent the baby from bathing or staying in the bathroom alone.
2. When your baby is in the tub, place the tub on the floor or low.
3. Use a thermometer and hands to measure the temperature of the water when putting out the water to avoid scalding your baby.
4. Put PVC non-slip pads around the bathtub to prevent the baby from slipping when you take it out of the bathtub.
Safety in the bathroom

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