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What are the characteristics and applications of carpets?

(1) Hand-woven pure wool carpet
The domestic hand-woven pure wool carpet is dyed with sheep wool yarn and woven according to the design pattern. Generally, the figure-of-eight buckle (known as Persian buckle in the world) is made of knotted pile. The cumulative number of knotted layers in each foot of the carpet surface is the number of carpets. The more the carpets, the greater the density of the pile, the better the quality of the carpet and the more expensive the price. Generally, there are 90-150 carpets for household use, and more than 200 carpets for high-end indoor carpets, and 400 carpets for individual ones. Hand-woven planted carpets should be flattened and cut with special cutting equipment to make the carpet surface smooth and the piles to fall uniformly. Then use electric scissors to open the pieces for processing. According to the hierarchical relationship of the design patterns, the pieces are cut into reliefs. The chlorinated water washing process is also carried out. Through chemical corrosion and mechanical action, the single-strand wool yarn of the pile is broken, and the cross section is brushed to make it fall smoothly and produce a mercerizing effect. After drying, the surface of the product is smooth and silky, smooth, dense and flexible. Finally, the finishing of the lining, the improvement of the suede and the elimination and repair of various quality defects can be considered as the completion of the carpet.
Hand-woven pure wool rugs have beautiful patterns, bright colors, magnificent, thick texture, elasticity, softness and comfort, and durability. However, due to the exquisite workmanship and the high price, it is often used in high-end conference venues, large hotels and residences.
(2) Woven pure wool carpet
Woven pure wool carpets have similar performance as hand-woven pure wool carpets. The surface of the carpet is flat, good gloss, comfortable foot feel, abrasion resistance and durability. Machine-woven patterns are not as random as hand-woven carpets, but the patterns are regular and delicate. The finishing work is not as meticulous as hand-woven carpets. Compared with chemical fiber carpets, it has the advantages of high resilience, antistatic, aging resistance, flame resistance and comfortable feeling. It can be industrialized and mass-produced at a moderate price.
Woven pure wool carpets are suitable for guest rooms, stairs and most public places in hotels, restaurants, and can also be used in families. This kind of carpet has flame-retardant products and is used in places with high fire-proof requirements such as high-rise buildings and public places.
(3) Pure wool non-woven carpet
Pure wool non-woven carpet is made of coarse wool as raw material by needle punching, needle stitching, bonding, electrostatic flocking and other non-woven molding methods. It is a new variety developed in recent years, with uniform texture and good price Features such as low cost and convenient use. It is widely used in hotels, gymnasiums, theaters and other public places.
(4) Chemical fiber carpet
Chemical fiber carpet is a new type of floor covering material, which has developed rapidly as a substitute for traditional wool carpet. Chemical fiber carpet has a wide range of raw materials and can be produced in mechanized mass production. The products are cheap, resistant to insects, and easy to clean. They are welcomed by people. In the 1980s, my country introduced and developed a large number of chemical fiber carpet production technologies, and the product quality has reached the level of similar foreign products.
(5) Rubber carpet
Rubber carpet is a roll carpet made of natural or synthetic rubber mixed with various chemical raw materials and formed by hot pressing and vulcanization. It has the characteristics of bright colors, soft and comfortable, good elasticity, water resistance, non-slip, easy to clean and so on. Especially suitable for special environments such as toilets, bathrooms, swimming pools, vehicles and ship walkways. Special rubber carpets of various insulation grades are also widely used in power distribution rooms, computer rooms and other occasions.

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What are the characteristics and applications of carpets?

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