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The material technology of the carpet and the color of the carpet

Blended woven carpets are mostly blended with wool, nylon, polyester and other materials. In terms of pattern, color, texture and feel, it is almost the same as a pure wool carpet, but in terms of price, it is quite different from a pure wool carpet. Once the proportion of pure wool fibers is 80% and the proportion of synthetic fibers is 20%, such blended carpets are better than pure wool carpets in terms of wear resistance, insect resistance, mildew resistance, and corrosion resistance. For example, Axminster carpets and blended carpets of 80 wool and 20 nylon, which are commonly used in general star hotels, have a long service life and are of high quality.
For wool carpets, in general humidity, wool will account for 13%-18% of its own weight. Under special conditions, the moisture content of wool can reach 33%. It is this special property that makes it high In a humid environment, moisture can be absorbed from the air, and moisture can be released when the air is dry.
 Chemical fiber carpet, also called synthetic fiber carpet, is mostly woven with filament or short fibers of nylon, polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene. Nylon carpets have the best effect. They have advantages in dust absorption, sound absorption, heat preservation, anti-fouling, anti-lodging, and anti-static. Although other material carpets have most of these advantages, nylon carpets are still better.
Silk carpet is the most noble variety of hand-woven carpets. Because of its silk texture, it has a high gloss, and it will form different visual effects under different light. It is especially suitable for summer use. The cool foot feeling can dissolve the pressing heat. Silk carpets are also the least produced carpets, and some silk carpets are even expensive.
How to choose a carpet:
1. The color of the carpet is different according to the design style and the place of use. Large places are suitable for atmospheric carpet design styles, and small areas are suitable for small flower design styles. However, many places where carpets are used are constantly changing and using. style.
2. If the living room is more than 20 square meters, you can also choose household carpets as an embellishment effect, or you can choose full carpets to make the whole room more warm.
3. The flower shape of the carpet can be matched according to the style of the furniture. Furniture made of mahogany or imitated mahogany usually chooses a regular flower shape with symmetrical lines, which looks simple and elegant; use modular furniture or new furniture instead of irregular patterns. The carpet will make people feel fresh and free and easy. In general, large patterns are used in large places, and small carpet patterns are used in small places.
4. In addition to being beautiful, the durability of the carpet is also very important. In areas with frequent start-ups, such as hotel corridor carpets, choose high-density and wear-resistant carpets (such as short loop pile, twist pile); and stair carpets should choose durable, non-slip types, and avoid long hair Flat loop carpet, because the bottom of the carpet is easy to be exposed on the edge of the stairs, usually there will be a label on the carpet indicating that the stairs are suitable; as for places that are prone to stains, such as restaurants, it is advisable to use anti-fouling carpets. To facilitate the care and cleaning of the carpet.
5. Since the functions used in various places are different, it should be selected according to the environment and actual needs of the carpet application, such as the location of the laying and the amount of walking there. And according to the production process of the carpet to determine the location of use.

The material technology of the carpet and the color of the carpet

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