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How to clean and maintain nylon printed carpets?

1. How to remove stains
As an effective supplement to conventional vacuum cleaning, the removal of stains and stains should be dealt with in time according to the actual situation every day. Here we must reiterate the importance of timely processing. Therefore, over time, some stains will be difficult to remove, while others will be difficult to remove. After air-drying, it may become permanent stains on the carpet. You must pay more attention to those particularly troublesome stains, such as animal fat, food, beverages and chemicals, reagent splashes, and timely cleaning is particularly important.
2. Necessary cleaning supplies on hand
To deal with small areas of stains, it is very useful to equip with a set of commercial cleaners. It should include cleaners for washing, organic solvents, special types of stains and their basic tools. At the same time, you should be very familiar with the common sense of using these cleaners. For urgent use. Generally speaking, no special skills are required to use these cleaners, but their effects are often jaw-dropping. Please pay special attention to any kind of cleaning agent must be sampled and tested before use to prove that the cleaning agent will not cause the carpet to fade. You can drop a few drops of the cleaning agent on the white cloth, and use the cloth to fully clean the carpet. Wetting, as long as you find that the white rag is sticking to the color, you can’t use this cleaner. As for large-area carpet cleaning, you can use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, which can completely absorb the detergent and rinse water used to clean the carpet. , Carpet special detergent combined with special vacuum cleaner can effectively prevent the spread of stains and shorten the carpet drying time.
3. Routine cleaning methods for stains
remember! The stain must be cleaned in time!
A. If necessary, the substances of the stains can be classified;
B. Use a spoon or a blunt knife to gently scrape off the solid matter that has formed into scabs or lumps;
C. Dip a clean white cloth or paper towel with the cleaning agent to fully moisten the stain to be cleaned;
D. Use a clean cloth dipped in a suitable amount of chemical solvent or detergent to fully moisten the stained part, but never wipe the part vigorously, and do not pour the liquid directly on the carpet to make the part of the carpet completely wet. Because this will seriously damage the secondary backing of the carpet;
E. You must start cleaning from the edge of the stain, slowly move closer to the middle, and continue to gently press to fully wet the stain until no new stain residue can be seen on the white rag.
F. After the main stains are removed, cover with a stack of paper towels and press on lighter objects such as books. The purpose is to maximize the absorption of residual liquid on the tufted surface and speed up the drying time of the carpet.
4. Periodic deep cleaning
All carpets, no matter how anti-fouling and dust-proof, and no matter how thorough their cleaning and maintenance work, will eventually form a greasy and sticky dirt layer on its surface, and vacuum cleaners will be helpless by then. , We can only solve it through professional deep cleaning. Therefore, those dirt sticking to the carpet fibers, over time, will cause the carpet fibers to entangle with each other or leave unsightly "walkways" in places where they often walk.
Periodic deep cleaning can extend the life of the carpet and reduce the number of carpet replacements.

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How to clean and maintain nylon printed carpets?

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