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How to choose high-quality machine-made carpets?

1. Look at the resilience: This mainly reflects the comfort of the carpet. General consumers can use a simple method to fold the carpet back to back to see if the backing is exposed. Generally, the higher the density, the less likely it is to expose the backing. The higher the density, the better the elasticity and the more durable.
2. Look at the color fastness: repeatedly rub the carpet with the palm of your hand or wipe the carpet with a wet paper towel to see if the palm and the wet paper towel are stained. Serious staining indicates poor color fastness
3. Look at the label: The national carpet label standard stipulates that in addition to the product name and trademark, important information such as the name of the fiber, the content, the quality of the pile on the carpet base (the heavier the pile is better), and the special properties should also be indicated. The label can be used to make consumers understand shopping, and to assist consumers in identification, the newly revised national standards for woven and tufted carpets are stipulated. One model per 50 grams. For example: 650/m pile quality is 650 type. The higher the model, the heavier the carpet surface fiber, the more comfortable and durable, which makes consumers clear at a glance, fair trade and price based on quality.
4. According to the different laying occasions, choose different craftsmanship carpets. For example, choose friction-resistant loop-pile carpets in places with frequent trampling, or cut-pile carpets with higher pile quality and higher density per unit area. The cut pile carpet with sparse pile will cause pattern changes and pile fall if stepped on for a long time.
5. The function and price of carpets with higher pile density (number of lanes/foot or pile count/square meter) or carpets with higher pile weight (grams/square meter) with the same raw materials of the same process Also higher.
6. The price of carpets made of the same pile raw materials and different pile yarn processes, such as twisted yarn, textured yarn and filament plus stretch yarn, is higher than that of carpets made of normal filament yarn.

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How to choose high-quality machine-made carpets?

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