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How to choose a carpet?

The carpeted area is often a gentle place in the home, and it is also an important point to enhance the taste of the residents. Choosing a suitable carpet does require some thought. Not only must the different functions of each room be considered, but also the style of home decoration must be considered. At the same time, the color and pattern of the carpet must also be considered.  
From the perspective of matching with the room
First of all, follow the principle of color first. Select the appropriate carpet color through the analysis of the color of the materials in the room. There is a simple and applicable method: the main colors in the room are used as the color components of the carpet, so that the selection is simple and accurate. After ensuring the uniformity of color, the final step is to determine the pattern and style. This often determines the trend of the entire room style, whether it is modern or classic; whether it is local or exotic; whether it is fashion or classic; of course, you can also create a very individual room style.
From the perspective of carpet usage
Generally speaking, if the carpet is placed at the door, it is generally advisable to lay a small-sized carpet or foot pad, which not only beautifies the home, but also has the function of cleaning the home. It is appropriate to choose chemical fiber carpet. The carpet in the living room needs to take up a lot of space. At this time, you can choose a thick, wear-resistant carpet. The larger area is best laid under the sofa to create a uniform effect. If the living room area is not large, you should choose a carpet with an area slightly larger than the coffee table. If it is placed in the bedroom, the role of the carpet is to create a warm atmosphere for the environment, so the texture of the carpet is very important. On the market, there are some carpets with long fluff and mainly designed for bedrooms, which are mainly pink, which are warm and romantic in the home.
The carpet in the bedroom needs to be able to create some warm and romantic atmosphere, generally pink is the mainstay; the carpet in the living room is heavy and wear-resistant, but the overall decoration style of the living room should also be considered.
If it is placed in a child's room, you can choose a carpet with cartoon characters. From the point of view of texture, choose a wool carpet that is easy to clean and non-slip.
From the perspective of carpet quality
The quality of the carpet is related to the length of the carpet's service life. No matter what texture carpet is selected, the appearance quality of the top carpet requires the carpet surface to be free of damage, stains, wrinkles, color difference, streaks and repair marks are not obvious, and there is no edge of the carpet. Bend. When choosing a chemical fiber carpet, you should also look at its back, so that the back of the carpet does not come off and does not leak glue.

How to choose a carpet?

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