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What Material Is Good For The Bedroom Mat
Jul 06, 2018

Household bedroom mat is divided into genuine silk carpet, pure wool carpet and nylon fiber carpet.

Real silk rug

Silk genuine leather carpets have already been made in ancient times. Their productivity is small and their raw materials have been limited. The silk and genuine leather carpets are very expensive. With the development of the society, the real silk rug has not been seen much, and the price of this kind of material carpet is also very expensive, in the ordinary family. It is also a small use of this kind of carpet.

Pure wool carpet

High quality pure wool carpets are usually made of fine wool. The carpet is even thick and thick, and will be rich in elasticity, bright color, the feel is also very soft, soft and fine long hair in the bedroom space, it is very comfortable to step on, this is the most common quality of life in the family of the most common carpet material.

Nylon fiber carpet

Among the many carpet materials, the nylon fiber carpet has a unique excellent performance in strength, elasticity and durability. This kind of carpet not only maintains the inherent beauty of the fiber for a long time, but also has excellent antifouling and dustproof properties, many special points, and nylon fiber rugs. Widely accepted and favored by consumers, but this material carpet often uses the living room and the entrance.

In addition, the home bedroom carpet material is also: pure cotton, hemp and so on with good characteristics of the material carpet, foot feeling and comfort is the first class, not only harmonizes the warm atmosphere of the whole bedroom space, but also has a decorative role.

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