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The Selection Of The Color Of The Door Mat
Jun 28, 2018

The small door mat is also hidden in the wind. The color of the doormat should be determined strictly according to the direction of the gate: the door opens in the east or northeast, and the black ground should be placed in the east or the northeast, and the door opens to the South or in the southeast to lay the green ground mat, the door opens in the West or in the southwest, and the door opens in the north or in the north. The northwest should be laid with cream mat. Besides, the geomantic omen changes every year. The change of doormat color can also solve the bad luck, or too old.


The color is green, because the East and the southeast five rows of wood, green is the main color of the tree, also optional water, water (blue) wood, has a vibrant significance. Laying blue or green carpets on this side will have a positive catalytic effect on family fortunes and financial fortunes.

If the gate is in the South

The color of the wind is red, because the South belongs to the fire, the wood is also optional, and the wood (green) is raw, so the red, purple or green mats are placed in this place, which can make the family full of energy and bring the benefits of fame and wealth.

If the door opens in the South and Northeast

The color is yellow, because the five lines of the South and the Northeast are the soil, the yellow represents the noble, the wealth, the fire, the fire (red, purple), and the direction is the dominant wisdom and the marriage. If the yellow carpet is placed in this position, it can bring the prosperous finance, make marriage and beauty.


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