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The Characteristics Of Several Kinds Of Bathroom Mat Are Introduced
Aug 16, 2018

Nylon bathroom mat: wear-resistant, easy to clean, but easy to deform, easy to generate static electricity, will partially dissolve in the fire.

Polyester bathroom mat : wear resistance is second only to nylon, heat-resistant and light resistant.

Polypropylene fiber bathroom mat: light weight, good elasticity, high strength, rich raw materials, good wear resistance, low price.

Acrylic fiber bathroom mat: soft, warm, good elasticity; soft texture, soft color, not easy to shed hair, back skid design; but water absorption is not strong, poor wear resistance.

Pure cotton bathroom mat: pure cotton material, good water absorption; good plasticity, can do different three-dimensional design changes, clean very convenient; can be used with non-slip mat.

Ultrafine fiber bathroom mat: water absorption is 1.5-2 times that of pure cotton, fiber fineness is 1/10 of pure cotton; Touch is softer than pure cotton, fiber density is very small, not easy to adhere to dirt, maintenance and cleaning more convenient.

Coconut fiber bathroom mat: recycled from natural coconut fiber; environmentally friendly and durable, natural color and color printing; can effectively scrape the sole sediment, dirty and clean and simple.

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