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The Characteristics And Functions Of Various Carpets
May 30, 2018

1 tile carpet with its small and beautiful

To win the customers' favorite, Nanchang Decoration recommends that the purchaser can select the specifications of the purchased carpet tile according to the size of the room and the furnishings of the furniture. Tile carpet composition is generally very beautiful, rich colors, very decorated. Tile carpets are easy to clean, flexible to lay, and can be freely changed orientation, giving people fresh feelings from time to time.

2. Patchwork carpet

It has been popular for a period of time. The carpet consists of small carpet tiles with patterns that can be spliced and laid on the floor like the floor of the user, creating ideal graphics. These types of carpets sold in the market have a specification of 50, which is usually sold in boxes and laid down to save labor and materials. After a period of use, it is possible to move the worn part and disperse it. In case of serious stains, it can be easily removed.

3. Oval and round carpets

This carpet pattern is concise and colorful. It is often used in combination with carpets that have a large area and a single color. It is usually laid out in a conspicuous position such as a meeting area, a single sofa, and the center of an activity area. This kind of carpet is generally made of pure wool material and is of high quality and very ornamental value.

4.PVC non-slip carpet

The bottom of this kind of carpet is made of special anti-skid village material PVC, and the size is similar to the cushion. It has the magical effect of painting the dragon in the layout of the whole room. For smooth floors, PV C slip carpets can provide a safe transition. In the bedroom, people like to walk barefoot. In such places, PVC non-slip carpets can be placed. In the bathroom, placing small pieces of non-slip carpet can increase comfort and safety.