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Material Properties Of Door Mat
Jul 28, 2017

1. Cotton: natural fiber, and skin contact without any stimulation, harmless to the human body, good hygroscopicity, breathable, but easy to wrinkle.

2. Polyester-Cotton blended (polyester-viscose blended): Not wrinkle, good finish, tearing strength is better, but easy to pilling, easy to produce static electricity.

3. Viscose Rayon (Man-made cotton): excellent hygroscopicity, breathable, good drape, low cost, but large shrinkage, wet treatment strength poor, easy wrinkle.

4. Polyester: Hygroscopicity is not good, permeability is bad, raising ball, electrostatic serious, conformal good, tearing strength high, wear-resistant, gloss good, smooth surface.

5. PC Foam Plastic: hygroscopicity is not good, breathable is not good, easy to rise static, conformal good, tearing strength is not high.