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Is There Any Way To Prevent The Bathroom Carpet From Being Slippery?
Aug 16, 2018

The bathroom mat is not slippery because it was not properly selected when purchasing, and most of the goods now have some quality problems.

The bathroom is the most moist and slippery place in the guest room. Therefore, when you choose, you can touch the front of the anti-skid pad by hand, and choose high-quality fluffy materials to give a soft and soft feeling.

On the back of the bathroom anti-skid pad, PVC anti-skid materials, rubber and other materials can be selected, PVC material environmental protection, anti-skid performance is good, rubber anti-skid pad drainage, sun resistance, and tough, durable, beautiful, long service life, anti-skid function is better.

The bathroom anti-skid pad is in a humid environment, so it must be cleaned frequently. The anti-skid pad made of superfine fiber, coconut fiber and rubber flocking material is easy to clean, but the anti-skid performance is general.

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