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Is There Any Carpet In The Kitchen?
Oct 15, 2018

Yes? Carpets in the kitchen can play a protective role, the existence of the kitchen carpet is a good protection against low temperature conditions or accidents, such as the use of ceramic dishes in the kitchen, accidentally dropped on the floor, it may be broken, and if carpets are laid on the ground, it can be reduced A lot of trouble. Carpet laying in the kitchen will also have a good decorative effect, will not make the floor appear cold.

Kitchen carpet selection matters needing attention

1. In fact, it is feasible to lay carpets in the kitchen, which can be used as decorative and functional functions without the need for full-scale paving. Therefore, the choice of carpet placed in the kitchen should first meet the requirements of anti-skid, and if the best water absorption, it is best to choose the bottom of the material with anti-skid particles, not only can anti-skid, but also very good protection of carpet, carpet and tile to avoid wear and tear each other, affecting the overall beauty of the carpet.

2. When choosing kitchen carpet, there is an important condition to consider, that is, clean and waterproof, some people buy the carpet back, but find it very difficult to clean the carpet, had to replace a carpet, so in choosing carpet must choose the carpet with easy cleaning material.

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