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How To Wash The Bedroom Pads
Jun 28, 2018

1, if you want to clean the bedroom mat, it's easy to maintain the bedroom mat first. When we touch the carpets in the legs of the furniture, we need to place a cushion or often move the furniture. For the serious wear parts, it should be replaced by the cover. Because of the surface fiber of the carpet, it is easy to accumulate dust. The best way to maintain the high-grade carpet is to use the vacuum cleaner regularly in the direction of the wool, so that the carpet can be kept clean.

2 the cleaning of bedroom mat can take the vacuum cleaner. When the vacuum cleaner is used, the last push should follow the direction of the pile. It should be noted that when cleaning, do not use toothed or rough tools. This will damage the carpet surface fiber. If the carpet appears, you need to soak the hot water with a clean towel and comb it with a comb.

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3 if you are not careful to sprinkle coffee on the carpet, you can first use dry cloth or paper to absorb water, and then mix the same amount of liquor and alcohol on the stains, scavenging with dry cloth. If there is no liquor, vinegar has the same effect. Therefore, if there are leftover white wine at home, we can make good use of it and maintain home cleaning. So as to achieve the best effect of the bedroom carpet cleaning. In addition to coffee, food stains, such as black tea, which are easy to stain, can also be removed in the same way.

4 bedroom pad cleaning method can also be used with gasoline or carbon tetrachloride, such as volatile solvents, if there is a residue of alcohol cleaning; wash the carpet oil stains on the carpet: soy sauce stains in the just sprinkled with a cold water brush and then the detergent can be brushed off, if turned into a stain, wash with warm water and mixed washing. Polyester and ammonia brush, then rinse with water. Wash the wine stains on the carpet: if it is cleaned with new water, the old stains can be cleaned with ammonia and borax solution, and the wool carpet can be cleaned with oxalic acid.

5 remove stains on the edge of the slowly wipe, and then gradually like a stain center cleaning, this is to prevent the spread of stains to the outside, wool like carpet and silk carpet should not use alkaline detergent, and when the use of oxalic acid in the use of diluted in the use; brush the carpet not too hard to avoid injury. Carpet. As long as we use the right method, the bedroom carpet cleaning is not a problem.

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