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How To Lay The Most Beautiful Bedroom Mat
Jul 06, 2018

The bedroom mat, not only the beauty is high, the winter foot feeling is also particularly comfortable and warm, more and more owners will consider in the bedroom decoration, laying carpets, then how the bedroom carpet is the most beautiful?

One. The angle of living room collocation

To choose the suitable color of the carpet, we should follow the principle of color first, and make a decision through the analysis of the color of the material in the bedroom. There is a simple and practical way to choose the color of the carpet: the main hue in the bedroom is the component of the carpet color. Choosing according to this method is not only simple, but also ensures accuracy.

After determining the color of the carpet and keeping other colors in the bedroom harmonized and coordinated, the pattern and style of the carpet should be considered. This is crucial and often determines the style of the whole bedroom. Whether modern wind or classical wind is fashion or classic, it can be displayed through carpet, and even create a unique bedroom style.

Two. The angle of the use of the carpet

Under normal circumstances, the carpet is placed under the door of the bedroom or under the bed. The size of the carpet is the best with a small carpet or a foot pad. This will not only beautify the bedroom, but also clean the bedroom. Bedroom carpet, you need to create some warm romantic sentiment, so that the main line is pink. Carpet in the bedroom, is to create a warm atmosphere for the bedroom environment, so the texture of the carpet is very important. Some of the long, pink, mostly pink carpet designed for bedrooms is a good choice.

Three. The quality angle of the carpet

Generally speaking, the quality of the carpet is related to the service life.  No matter which carpet is selected, the quality of the upper class carpet requires no damage, no stain, no wrinkle, color difference, streak and repair marks, and the edge of the carpet does not bend. When choosing a carpet, you should also observe the back of the carpet. The back of the carpet does not peel off the lining and does not seep.

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