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How To Cleaning Carpet Steps?
Dec 06, 2018

Cleaning carpet steps

Use tools: single-disk floor scrubber with carpet brush and foamer, carpet comb or rake, vacuum cleaner.

Use material: foam carpet cleaning agent.

Methods of operation:

1. Full Vacuum Cleaning with Vacuum Cleaner

2. Local treatment is to treat oil stains, fruit stains and coffee stains separately with special detergents.

3. Dilute foam cleanser and pour into foam box.

4. Handbrush edges, corners and where the machine pushes them

5. Use a single-disk sweeper equipped with a foamer and carpet brush to wash carpets with dry bubbles

6. Act for a while, then repeat

7. Carpet combing or raking combs the carpet cilia, which is very important to the appearance, especially the long cotton wool carpet, and has the effect of accelerating drying.

8. Let the hair be completely dry.

9. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dry foam crystals.

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