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Domotex 2018 Exhibits
Jan 21, 2018

Handmade rugs

        Every kind of hand-woven rug - be it traditional, modern or antique, whether hand knotted, hand knit or hand tufted - is here. More than 450 exhibitors bring handcrafted products from every corner of the world, which may be high-quality collections, improvised design rugs or valuable antique rugs. This series of products is incredible, which explains why the trade audience showed such a strong interest.

For residential and commercial textile flooring materials

        Take this fantastic opportunity to showcased to decision makers, buyers from the wholesale and retail industry and to the technology industry what they are looking for with innovative products, new design effects and stylish colors. Your home or commercial flooring materials will impress buyers. From wearable to luxurious flooring - plain or patterned - versatility of the product and different uses of textile flooring always make them the most attractive on DOMOTEX.

Woven rugs and floor mats

        While maintaining existing customers, establish new business contacts. At DOMOTEX, you can meet with decision makers from carpet wholesale and retail outlets, home and furniture stores, and mail order companies. Buyers are looking for the latest trends in both traditional and modern design and materials at DOMOTEX where you can convince them that exactly what they need is your company's woven rug.

Parquet flooring, laminate flooring

        Parquet and Laminate Flooring Due to the wide choice of timber, natural and different finishes, and beautiful colors, these are the most popular of these products, which have made parquet flooring and laminate flooring a favorite among designers, who Awareness These products facilitate so many different styles of interpretation, from rustic to luxury to ultra-modern. The Wood Flooring Summit celebrates its successful debut on DOMOTEX 2012. It is located in the center of the entire parquet and laminate flooring industry, demonstrating their innovations to all market leaders.

Flexible flooring materials

        With a wide range of materials, designs and colors to choose from, resilient floor materials are a natural choice for many interior designers. Thanks to its innovative printing and embossing technology, it creates new possibilities to make the floor look like wood, stone or metal, thus opening up countless creative applications and designs. Here you can show your innovative products and know-how to viewers from all over the world.

Mats and cleaning system

        Application and installation techniques and cleaning represent one of the most important and interesting parts of DOMOTEX, especially for technical processes. About 170 companies participating in this forum, you should also take this opportunity to prove to professionals that your company has the most advanced machines, tools and equipment, as well as new materials and solutions.

Outdoor flooring materials

        Floor design is not just for interior designers. After all, the outdoor flooring is also influenced by trends and innovations to showcase your newest solutions, balconies, patios and garden areas and product concepts at DOMOTEX to attract international market representatives note.