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Different Material Bedroom Mat
Jul 06, 2018

What is the better material for the carpet in the bedroom? In the process of making the carpet in the bedroom, even the carpet produced by the same manufacturing method will produce carpets with different appearance effects due to the use of raw materials, suede, form, cashmere height, hand feeling, organization and density. What are the texture types of bedroom mat materials?

1, long woolen carpet: it is the most common kind of carpets. The length of the suede is 5 ~ 10mm, and the flannel can appear on the carpet, and it is smooth and uniform.

2, velvet carpet: the length of the pile is about 5mm, and the carpet pile is dense, which produces the swan like effect.

3. Isaacson carpet: the length of the pile is about 15mm, and the yarn is twisted by heat. The pile has the effect of being similar to the optical fiber and has a plump texture.

4, strong twist carpet: that is, the elbow of the carpets. The twist of pile yarn is large, and the surface of the carpet is hard and strong. The direction of the pile is uncertain, so the blanket surface produces special emotion and personality.

5, long pile carpet: the length of the pile is over 25mm, which is thick and long, and the carpet surface is thick and elegant.

6, flat velvet carpet: the pile is in a circle shape, and the ring is high and uniform. It has a moderate firmness and smoothness than the cut pile, and has a comfortable walking feeling.

7, high and low cashmere carpet (including multi-layer high and low cashmere): cashmere yarn feeding to the length of the change and produce a velvet carpet, carpet surface has a level of high and low fluctuations, some form a geometric pattern, the carpet has a three-dimensional sense.

8, cutting / cashmere carpet (including flat cutting / cashmere carpet): the height of the plush part of the general carpet exceeds the height of the cashmere. It does not hurt the velvet suede when trimming and leveling the velvet, and the two kinds of flannelette can form the geometric pattern of the carpet surface, and the effect of the plain jacquard. The technical content of flat cut / ring carpet is relatively high.

9, plane carpet: that is, there is no erect fleece on the carpet surface, like the result of a flat blanket, in which part of the needle carpet is drawn on the carpet with a spiny roll, that is, the texture of the hairy carpet.

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