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What material mat is good?
Jan 14, 2018

    If the main function of the carpet is decoration, then the function of the floor mats is more practical. Apart from the decoration function of the carpet, the mats will perform the tasks of dust removal, water absorption, mud removal and skid prevention from the entrance, The occasion also played anti-fatigue, anti-static effect. So buy a good material mats for the family and businesses are very important.

    1, Polyester mat: wear resistance second only to nylon, heat-resistant, light-resistant.

    2, Acrylic mat: soft, warm, good elasticity; soft texture, soft colors, easy to lint, the back of a slippery design; but water absorption is not strong, poor wear resistance.

    3, nylon mat: wear resistance, easy to clean, but easy to deform, easy to produce static electricity, in case of fire will be partially dissolved.

    4, coconut fiber mat: made from recycled natural coconut fiber system; environmentally friendly and durable, natural color plus color printing; can effectively scrape the soles of the soil, dirt and easy to clean.

    5, rubber flocking mat: good drainage, light, and tough, durable, beautiful, long life; both with slip function, but also effectively help to scrape the soles of sediment, cleaning is very convenient. Mats pictures

    6, Microfiber mat: 1.5-2 times the absorbent cotton, fiber fineness is 1/10 of cotton; touch softer than pure cotton, fiber density is extremely small, not easy to attach to the dirt, maintenance and cleaning more convenient.

    7, polypropylene mat: light weight, good elasticity, high strength; rich raw materials, wear resistance, low prices.

    8, cotton mat: cotton material, good water absorption; good material plasticity, can do different three-dimensional design changes, cleaning is very convenient; can be used with non-slip pad. Mats can be divided into the following categories according to usage, outdoor mats, indoor mats, well mats, elevator mats and the like. According to functional points: scraping sand, dust, water, skid and other functions. According to the appearance of shape points: a circle wire, Z-shaped, modular, aluminum mats, carpet floor mats.

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