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What mat is good for the kitchen?
May 13, 2018

    The kitchen recommends the use of polypropylene floor mats.

    When we cook, there is a lot of domestic garbage, such as oil, water, and puree, which accidentally splashes on the ground. In order to stop the water and oil garbage in the kitchen from entering the living area, it is necessary to place a mat here.

    Polypropylene floor mats are mostly dark colors, not obvious after being soiled, and cleaning is also relatively simple. Polypropylene floor mats also have a prominent advantage, that is, the price is generally, and its material is also non-ultrafine material is very durable. Using polypropylene floor mats in kitchens, which are dirty, is really the best option.

    In addition, the use of a cotton floor mat is also possible because the cotton floor mat absorbs oil and oil, and because it is a natural material, it is safer to use in the kitchen.

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