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What kind of mats kitchen is good?
Jan 14, 2018

    Kitchen recommended using polypropylene mats.

     When we cook a lot of oil, water, cooking mud and other household garbage accidentally splashed on the ground, in order to stop the kitchen water, oil, garbage into the living area, where it is necessary to put a mats. Polypropylene mats are mostly dark colors, dirty is not obvious, cleaning is also relatively simple. Polypropylene mats there is a prominent merit, that is, the price in general, the material is non-ultra-fine material is very durable. Polypropylene mats are used in such easy-to-dirty environments as kitchens, which is the best option. In addition, the use of cotton pad can be, because the cotton pad absorbent oil absorption, and because it is natural material, the use of the kitchen more secure.

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