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What kind of good dust mat at the door
Jan 28, 2018

     For the door dust mat which is good, and now the market is really varied, but what kind of carpet cost it. Here Xiaobian to introduce PVC mat for everyone in particular, its advantage is that the PVC base wear-resistant non-slip, good ground adsorption. Above is a polyester carpet surface composite, not only has a very strong ability to adsorb dust and strong water absorption, these features make PVC carpet not only for the living room door, but also widely used in outdoor activities, much consumers.

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    1, dust-proof floor style door

Mats style can be customized according to different sizes, can be trimmed. Tolerance, long service life far beyond the ordinary carpet mat, strong wear resistance will not fade, long service life. Even if the hall for a long time outdoor can still maintain a bright appearance. Striped rugs, embossed rugs, printed rugs, jacquard rugs and other styles to choose from. Color is also a variety of colors to choose from! Not only played a dust-proof effect, there are certain decorative effects.

    2, PVC door dust floor mat role

PVC carpet has a soft texture, colorful, comfortable and durable, easy to clean, easy to burn and self-extinguishing, not afraid of moisture and other characteristics, it is particularly suitable for hotels, shopping malls, the stage, residential and other places. Because of good water resistance and skid resistance, can effectively prevent the carpet displacement, so this type of carpet is not only suitable for indoor use, but also particularly suitable for outdoor use.

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