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What is the PVC carpet?
Mar 23, 2018

What is the PVC carpet

The PVC carpet is a carpet made of PVC resin. Are made of PVC and copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, coloring agent and other accessories, in the continuous sheet substrate, through uniform mixing, coating process or by rolling and extrusion process and can replace plastic, wool carpets and chemical fiber carpet use.


1. practicality

PVC carpet has a soft texture, bright color, comfortable and durable, easy to clean, not easy to burn and can be self extinguished.

It is not afraid of moisture and other characteristics, so it is especially suitable for hotels, shopping malls, stage, residential and other places. Because of its good waterproof and skid resistance, it can effectively prevent the carpets from shifting, so it is also especially suitable for use in the bathroom.

2. beauty

PVC carpet is very unique because of its development and production process. After satisfying the practical demand, it emphasizes the latest fashion and the taste of popular decoration. It can provide a variety of choices, and can give the unique charm of each space. In addition to the texture and characteristics of textiles, it is also of the use value of vinyl, and it is easy to maintain and durable.

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