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What is the best foam mat material? EVA, PE cotton, PVC or XPE cotton?
Jan 14, 2018

    EVA: hard material, easy to absorb water, easily dirty easy to clean, long-term pressure does not rebound deformation, a lot of slippers at the end is EVA, most of the waste processing has a great smell.

    XPE: that is, chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam material, is the use of low-density polyethylene resin plus cross-linking agent and foaming agent after high temperature continuous foaming, non-absorbent green odor-free Crawling mat. This material itself is waterproof and thermal insulation materials it is widely used in car insulation mat mats mats, air-conditioning insulation tube. Mats in the industry is high-end materials it

    PVC: very soft, compared to the high-end XPE it belongs to the high-end, the mats are now only imported from Japan and South Korea. The disadvantage is too heavy, with specifications about five times the weight of XPE. Under certain temperature conditions will produce toxicity

   EPE: that is, PE cotton on the market, most of Taobao is this, low-end goods. A lot of shortcomings, variability, easy to crease, small elasticity, water absorption, toxic smell great, but cheaper.


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