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What are the applicable sites for antiskid carpets
Dec 26, 2017

What are the applicable sites for antiskid carpets

Antiskid carpets are suitable for any places and supplies that need to be skidding because of wet, smooth, oily and special protection, such as:

1. stairs, bathroom, bathtub, these places at home, probably for beauty and health, not to non slip mats, but if covered with non slip stick, this problem can be smoothly done or easily solved, both beautiful and health (not shelter evil people and countenance evil practices);

2. fitness equipment, modern life, this kind of thing is closely related to our life, all can not do every day, sports fitness equipment can help us better to exercise, work, and stick slip is applied to the equipment, for our sports escort, make exercise more secure.

3. kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, nursing homes, stations, subway stations, wharfs, hotels, clubs, kitchens, playgrounds, fitness entertainment rooms, elevator entrances, pedestrian slopes and other places. In these places with high traffic, if no antiskid carpet is used, it is very easy to slip and fall in rainy and wet weather and the various disputes arising therefrom. Of course, there are many places to use the antiskid carpet, and there are no examples here.

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