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Treatment of special carpet stains
Mar 23, 2018

Treatment of special carpet stains

1, edible oil stains: remove the volatile solvents such as gasoline or chlorinated carbon, and the residual part should be cleaned with alcohol.

2, sauce oil stains: new stains first use cold water to brush, then use detergent, namely remove, old stains can be washed with warm water, detergent and ammonia, then clean with clean.

3, shoe oil stains: use gasoline, alcohol erased, then wash with soap.

4, urine stains: a new stain liquid ammonia with warm water or 10% scrub removal, aged stains first with detergent, then wash the carpet to ammonia with citric acid washing.

5, fruit juice stains: first use 5% ammonia liquid cleaning, then use neutral detergent to wash again. But the ammonia injury effect on wool carpet fiber, so it should be generally available is reduced by using citric acid or soap, alcohol can also be used.

6, ice cream stains: use gasoline wipe.

7, wine stains: new stains can be cleaned with water. The old stains need to be removed by the aqueous solution of ammonia and borax. If the material is wool carpet, with oxalic acid washing.

8, coffee stains, tea stains can be washed to remove ammonia. Silk and wool carpet can be washed with neutral detergent for 10-20 minutes and then washed with 10% glycerin.

9, vomit stains: one method is to use gasoline wiping, then use 5% ammonia water wipe, and finally wash with warm water. Another method is to use 10% ammonia will vomit wet, use the soap liquid alcohol wipe, finally use neutral detergent to clean.

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