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The reason of Viewing DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2018
Feb 18, 2018

1 Understand the collection and understanding of market information - As the industry "weathervane" and "barometer" to promptly show market trends and trends

2 Bulk procurement and the pursuit of distribution agency cooperation - to provide you with excellent global brand flooring and quality products for your one-stop shopping, but also help you to intuitively understand the strength of enterprises in order to smooth trade cooperation

3 Maintain important customers, contact suppliers and vendors - This is the grand gathering of industry professionals, as well as a good opportunity for you to meet up and down the business, maintain existing customers and receive new customers

4 Seek innovative products and technologies, solutions - InnovAction, Materias, cadex, the innovation engines of the Asia-Pacific ground materials, InnovAction, Materias, cadex of the same period, you can find the trend of the annual trend of new products

5 Supplier Field Trip - Exhibitor Visitor Program Helps You Get All Visits Before You Leave Participate in the same period conference - more than 20 application categories, awards, industry, product category and design forums or events over the same period, is your professional platform for understanding first-hand business information such as appropriate technology, policy orientation and design trend

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