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Mats choice
Jan 14, 2018

    Balcony mats, floor mats. Put these two places to play a major role in non-slip mats, you can use acrylic material plus anti-slip mats.

    Door mat. Here is the use of household mats is mainly to scrape the sand, decontamination, to prevent dust from entering the interior caused by pollution. Therefore, we should choose a good decontamination effect, wear-resistant, easy to clean materials made of mats, such as rubber, coconut fiber material, polypropylene, nylon, polyester and so on.

    Entrance mats. Home mats here can play to protect the floor, reducing the wear on the ground effect. So choose the soft texture, not easy to lose hair acrylic material mat.

    Bedroom mats. Now many people like to put a piece of home mats next to the bed, get out of bed when you can barefoot without chilling. Although there are many materials on the market bedside mattress, but enjoy the children or suggest that you use the cotton or microfibre mat in the bedroom. These two kinds of mats material safe and pollution-free, completely eliminate the static problems, and the texture is comfortable, it is suitable for bedroom and children's room use.

    Toilet mats. Toilets, the bathroom is the water most places, mats placed at the door, mainly in order to play a water absorption effect. Therefore, we should choose cotton or microfiber mats, especially microfiber material is better, we step directly on the bath after bathing, not only quick absorption of water, but also feel very comfortable.

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