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Instructions for use of corridors and elevator floor mats
Aug 12, 2018

    We all know that the corridors and elevator halls are relatively large areas where the flow of people is relatively high, and the luggage carts pass frequently. When using the carpet, special attention should be paid to the selection of the variety.

1: The width of the corridor is below 1.5 meters. The height of the velvet can be selected to be 7mm to reduce the resistance of the luggage. The 50% of the gross ratio can eliminate static electricity, and at the same time it can achieve the purpose of easy washing and quick drying.

2: The width of the corridor is more than 1.5 meters. The quality of the product should be better, so the carpet is relatively stable during use, the anti-rolling endurance is good, the carpet is not easy to be deformed, and the height of the pile is 7mm.

3: The choice of carpet in the elevator hall should be considered the same as that of the corridor carpet, which is convenient for splicing.

The elevator hall should be processed separately according to the size and shape of the specifications to achieve the purpose of harmonious use.

4: Corridors, elevator halls, large and small restaurants and other public parts should choose multi-color jacquard wool with a wool content of 50%. The height should be 7mm, the color should be a little deeper, the pattern should be dense, and the contrast between the colors should be large. One point, its pollution is better, increasing the visual obscuration of dust and stains.

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