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How to maintain family carpets?
Aug 23, 2018

In the choice of family carpet placement, try to avoid direct sunlight position, if placed in the living room, the sun is more sufficient, can be accompanied by gauze curtain and other shade strong sunlight. Avoid fading due to light.

Regular vacuum cleaners are used for carpet cleaning. Weekly regular and more thorough dust, so that dirt will not be embedded in the deep pile, because dirt will play a grinding role at the bottom of the fiber, thus accelerating the wear and tear of the carpet. Don't wait for more dirt to infiltrate the carpet fibers before cleaning. Vacuum is an economical and effective way to remove dirt and impurities before dirt enters the carpet. In order to get a better vacuum effect, when the vacuum cleaner bag or cleaning basin is in a semi-full state before the dirt should be removed, and then the carpet vacuum. In addition, it should be noted that the household carpet should be cleaned along the wool direction when using a vacuum cleaner.

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