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How to clean microfiber carpet and rugs
Oct 10, 2017

Several kinds of cleaning methods with Microfiber carpet rugs:
1, spray water absorption: the cleaning methods which are applicable for the hotel guest room carpet microfiber carpet, it is hot water and detergent spray under pressure on the microfiber carpet, in the role of water and detergent, together with a rotating or oscillating brush carpet cleaning equipment, the dirt is separated from the microfiber and suck, then spray carpet clean with clear water.
2, steam cleaning, washing, the cleaning method is also suitable for microfiber carpet rugs and there is a fine mesh of carpet, internal dirt can embed carpet and carpet surface dirt thoroughly cleaned.Use special steam dry cleaning carpet machine released a spray water and cleaning fluid mixed solvent consisting of steam in carpet, after the mechanical brush swinging churn, make the dirt from the carpet fiber suspended in the solvent removal method.
3, foam dry cleaning, microfiber carpet surface use bubble to clean, the foam dry cleaners use with a rotating brush and vacuum suction of detergent spray pile head on surface of the carpet, after the action of the rolling brush with vacuum suction machine to wash foam and floating dust absorption.
4, to extract the cleaning method: the cleaning method is also suitable for microfiber carpet, are allocated by artificial or container will dissolve detergent mixture sprayed on the carpet surface, such as by washing machine brush into the carpet pile rotate 30 minutes after washing to lotion and dust absorption, can effectively restore the carpet surface clean.

Above the methods to the big size carpet rugs.Such as our company producted small rugs, door mat can just be water cleaning as washing your clothing. Its super easy, can be machine washable.


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