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How to clean bathroom door mat
Jan 14, 2018

    Tools: 1 vacuum cleaner / stick 1 washing machine 1, a laundry bag, detergent 50ml or so, according to the size of the mat to add the right size.

    First, use the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to align the parts you want to clean, one by one, the direction did not require the best consistent, time-saving and clean.

    Second ,In order to deep clean, get the outdoor first to shake the mats 2-3 times, then tap the stick to remove more stubborn dust, but also ensure that the dust will not fall into the washing machine caused unnecessary trouble. Washing machine is best to use the drum-type, there is not much, the roll into a roll of clothing, put on the laundry bag (in order to protect the carpet). 

    Third, Air Sun also needs skills. The new carpet, the old carpet is also good, not good in wet conditions in the sun exposure, to be cool and ventilated place to dry. This will ensure that the carpet color and quality are protected.

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