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How to choose household carpet
Nov 09, 2017

How to choose household carpet

Mainly based on the location of laying and their own preferences. The carpet pattern according to the different process cost, a whole pattern, four continuous pattern, small pattern and plain carpet distinction. In accordance with the general practice, the choice of home carpets, we suggest that you arrange as follows:

The study, should choose fresh and elegant color, with elegant style design

The living room, should be larger, smooth lines of carpet patterns can create visual effects. In order to replace it, you can also choose the carpet.

Bedroom, it is better to choose a smaller pattern, with appropriate carpet patterns, visual quiet, warm, while the color should consider the overall coordination of furniture.

Restaurants should consider carpets contaminated frequently, as usual drinks, food and other stains. The intricate patterns of small patterns have the effect of covering stains. Of course, a larger banquet hall for the atmosphere, but also often choose gorgeous and large pattern carpet.

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