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How to care mats
Jan 14, 2018

    General door mat with a bright color, which plays a role in preventing dust from entering the interior, but also part of the hall decoration, so it's cleaning care is particularly important, the following describes some of its care:

    First, the daily care: 1, the mats flip, shake off the sand, through the bottom of the mats do not need to flip, shake off the sand directly. 2, with a vacuum cleaner sucked away the surface of the mat and the fiber gap between the dust. 3, wipe the floor clean. 4, reposition a good mats.

    Second, clean and refurbished: 1, and routine care, shake off the dust on the mat. 2, the use of high pressure hose flushing, the best water temperature below 40 ℃ rinse, you can use some neutral detergent, do not use acid-base cleaners, because they will accelerate the mat aging. 3, dry and keep dry. 4, reposition a good mats.

    Third, the carpet cleaning special stains treatment methods: 1, edible fats: use volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon chloride to remove the remaining part of the use of alcohol to clean. 2, soy sauce: first brush with cold water, and then use detergent, that is removed, aged polluted water detergent can be used to join the water and ammonia scrub, and then clean. 3, shoes grease: with gasoline, alcohol wipe, then wash with soap. 4, urine stains: new stains can be used warm water or 10% ammonia solution to remove the scrub, aged stains washed with detergent, and then washed with pure ammonia to use pure wool carpet washed with citric acid. 5, fruit juice stains: first with 5% aqueous ammonia solution, and then neutral detergent wash again. However, ammonia has a damaging effect on the pure wool carpet fibers, so it should be reduced to use. Generally, it can be washed with citric acid or soap and alcohol can be used. 6, ice cream stains: rubbed with gasoline. 7, wine stains: new stains can be washed with water. Aging stains need to use aqueous ammonia solution plus borax to clear. If it is a carpet of wool material, wash it with oxalic acid. 8, coffee stains, tea stains: ammonia can be used to remove. Silk, wool carpet available neutral detergent dip 10-20 minutes before washing, or 10% glycerol solution. 9, vomiting stains: a method is to use gasoline to wipe, and then wipe 5% ammonia, and finally washed with warm water. Another method is to use 10% ammonia to vomit wet, and then rubbed with alcohol-based soap, and finally with a neutral detergent to clean.

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