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How to buy floor mats in different places in your home
May 13, 2018

    As a necessary accessory for home, the mat is very common in home life. It can remove dust and moisture from the shoes and keep the floor tidy. How to buy a floor mat is also very knowledgeable, we use outdoor mats, material selection should be based on rubber flocking, coconut fiber material and other synthetic fiber materials. For indoor floor mats, acrylic, cotton, and microfibers are the main choices for the material. Enjoy children according to each room division, specific explanations are as follows.

    Balcony, stairs. In these two places, the floor mats mainly play a non-slip effect, and acrylic materials and non-slip mats can be selected.

    At the door. Home-use floor mats are mainly used for sanding and decontamination to prevent dust from entering the interior and causing pollution. Therefore, floor mats made of materials with good decontamination effect, abrasion resistance and easy cleaning should be used, such as rubber, coconut fiber, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and so on.

    Bedroom. Nowadays, many people like to put a home floor mat next to the bed. When they get out of bed, they can go barefoot without catching cold. Although there are many bedside mats on the market, it is recommended that you enjoy using cotton or microfiber mats in your bedroom. The materials of these two types of mats are safe and pollution-free, completely eliminating the problems of static electricity, and the texture is comfortable, which is suitable for use in bedrooms and children's rooms.

    Kitchen. When we cook, there is a lot of domestic garbage, such as oil, water, and puree, which accidentally splashes on the ground. In order to stop the water and oil garbage in the kitchen from entering the living area, it is necessary to place a mat here. It is recommended to use polypropylene floor mats. Polypropylene floor mats are mostly dark colors. It is not noticeable after soiling and cleaning is relatively simple.

    Toilet. Toilets and bathrooms are the places with the most water. Mats placed at the entrance are mainly used for water absorption. Therefore, we should choose cotton or ultra-fine fiber mats, especially in the microfiber material, we step directly on the bath after the bath, not only fast, but also very comfortable touch.

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