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Heimtextil Frankfurt
Jan 21, 2018

    "Heimtextil" - Frankfurt International Home & Commercial Textiles Fair is one of the most successful exhibition brands in Frankfurt and the largest and most international exhibition in the field, now in Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Shanghai and Guangzhou Have held the same brand global exhibition. Today, "Heimtextil" is still growing and its position as a leading player in the industry's trade shows is unimaginable. At the same time, the authority's forecast of fashion trends at the International Home & Commercial Textiles Fair in Frankfurt makes it always stand at the forefront of the trend of global home textile products.

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    Bedding, Fashion textiles for the bathroom, Table top textiles, Kitchen textiles, Towels, Decorative articles, Decorative cloths, Blankets, Floor coverings, Decorative fabrics, Furniture fabrics, Curtains and accessories, Embroidery design, Decorations, Home textiles , Leather, cushions, personal care products, baby and youth products.

     The exhibition's main exhibition content is divided into nine categories specific [1] include:1, floor textiles; 2, wall textiles; 3, window textiles; 4, furniture fabrics; 5 bedroom textiles; 6 bathroom textiles; 7 desktop textiles; 8 kitchen textiles; 9 ,design. Home Textiles Asia Pavilion Lifestyle Products: Includes Bedding, Bathroom Products, Kitchenware, etc. 10.0 (National Pavilion), 10.1 (Individual Exhibitor), 10.2 (Boutique), 10.3 Pavilion (Corner of Innovation) Decorative Products: Including decorative cloth, curtains, sofa cloth, cushions, carpets, non-woven interior decoration products, 6.1 (boutique), 6.2 (individual exhibitors), 6.3 Hall (National Pavilion)

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