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Dry foam carpet cleaning
Jan 14, 2018

    Dry foam carpet cleaning (for pure wool carpets) Equipment and tools: single-disc wiping machine with carpet brush and bubbler, carpet comb or rake, vacuum cleaner. Use agent: carpet foam cleaner. Operation method: 

1, with a vacuum cleaner full vacuum 

2, local treatment is to use a special detergent on the carpet above the grease, fruit stains, coffee stains alone to deal with

3, diluted carpet foam detergent, into the bubble

4, hand Brush handle the edge of the carpet, corners and push the machine 5, with a single disc with a bubbler, carpet brush sweeping machine, dry foam brush carpet 

6, for a while, and then repeat 

7, carpet comb or rake comb carpet Cilia, which is very important to the appearance of the carpet, especially the lint of longer fiber carpet, but also to speed up the role of carpet drying 

8, so completely dry carpet hair 

9, with a vacuum cleaner to absorb dirt and dry bulb crystals

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