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Doormat classification
Jan 28, 2018

     Door mat is a product that can effectively remove dust and moisture at the entrance to keep the floor clean and tidy. It is soft and supple and feels comfortable. Unique anti-UV additives to prevent discoloration and embrittlement, can withstand the outdoor sun and rain conditions.

     Doormat classification

    1. According to the purpose can be divided into: outdoor mat, indoor mat, well mat, elevator mat and so on.

    2. Divided by function: scraping sand mat, dust,mat, water mat, skid mat and other functions.

    3. According to the appearance of the shape can be divided into: a circle wire mat, Z-shaped mat, modular, aluminum mats, carpet floor mats.

    4. According to the type of material: tufted doormat, acrylic doormat, polypropylene doormat, aluminum doormat, rubber doormat, polyester doormat, fabric doormat, etc.

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