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Demoted history 3
Jan 21, 2018

    DOMOTEX is now the industry's premier international event. For people who trade, Hanover is definitely worth a visit. Unlike other exhibitions, DOMOTEX exhibitors are always prepared company orders, of course, they are also very satisfied with the results of the exhibition, 90% of exhibitors believe that they have a great deal of exposure to the desired target customer base.

    Continuous communication with exhibitors, industry associations and other organizations ensures that the DOMOTEX concept continues to be updated. In addition to being an iconic trade show in the industry, DOMOTEX today is more integrated into various forums, seminars, conferences and competitions, enriching the connotation and extension of DOMOTEX.

    Over its 28 years of success, DOMOTEX has demonstrated again and again to its demeanor as an industry leader that has become a must for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, designers, architects and trade and industry associations Preferred.


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