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Demoted history 2
Jan 21, 2018

     Currently roughly 40,000 traders from more than 50 countries participate in this annual event, the foremost international event for carpet and floor coverings. The number of exhibitors has more than doubled in 1989, while the number of visitors tripled. Manufacturers, retailers, designers and industry associations have teamed up to showcase a range of products to the audience, including carpets, textile and flexible flooring, parquet, laminate flooring, natural stone and tile, and related applications and equipment Craft. The breadth and diversity of DOMOTEX is beyond the reach of other similar shows. During the development of DOMOTEX, the audience's growing interest in flooring materials for non-textile products continued to grow as sales of paving and maintenance materials increased. Sales of parquet flooring and laminate flooring also continued to grow, but this did not mean that hand-woven Carpet or woven shop floor material is out of date. With the addition of natural stone and ceramic tiles to the exhibitions in 2004 and 2005, the success of DOMOTEX is evidence that DOMOTEX is keeping pace with the times.


    The highlight of DOMOTEX lies in its remarkable international appeal. To date, its share of approximately 75% of foreign exhibitors is the highest among the various exhibitions in Hannover. The largest foreign potential customers (according to booth reservation statistics) come from Turkey, the Netherlands and India. The audience is the same. About 60% of professional visitors come from countries and regions outside Germany.

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