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Carpet cleaning methods--A water pumping cleaning carpet
Jan 14, 2018

    A water pumping cleaning carpet (suitable for chemical fiber carpet) Use equipment: carpet brush, sprayer, suction machine, carpet cleaning machine. Use of agents: carpet shampoo. 

Method of operation:

 1, with a vacuum cleaner full of vacuum 

2, diluted detergent, can also be injected into the tank 

3, a comprehensive spray on the carpet cleaner 

4, the role of 10-15 minutes after the stain from the fiber

5, The operation of backward walking so that each operation has a part of the overlap, at least twice pumping 

6, cleaning the carpet at the same time, with a suction machine to clean the carpet has been washed 

7, so that the carpet completely dry, in order to speed up the carpet dry , Can start the carpet dryer.

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