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Carpet cleaning methods
Jan 14, 2018

    Carpet always gives elegant, luxurious, showing the feeling of style. Carpet texture, patterns, colors indirectly reflect the user's cultural heritage, aesthetic level and appreciate the taste. However, it is very frustrating that the carpet soiled and contaminated is as if the clothes on the body were soiled. 

    How to clean heavy carpet cleaning and maintenance, fresh, soft and full of flexibility? This requires us to have a good quality of special cleaning agents, advanced and efficient cleaning machinery and equipment, professional and experienced operating workers and a long-lasting, achievable cleaning and maintenance programs. We also hope that we will not only have these basic requirements but also have many techniques and know-how to deal with all kinds of special smudges and stains. 

    Carpet cleaning specifications and operations: including all kinds of leather, pure wool, chemical fiber texture of the carpet, tapestries, bed blankets, decorative blankets and so on. Carpet treatment is steam sauna machines, multi-functional machine washing machine, vacuum suction machine, combined with special disinfection, decontamination agents on the carpet steam kill mites, sterilization, foam cleaning decontamination, vacuum suction machine suction sewage, air drying, carding, and finally With anti-fouling spray treatment, so that the surface of the carpet waterproof film, to waterproof and dustproof effect.

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