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According to the different weave carpet fibers can be divided into what?
Dec 26, 2017

According to the different weave carpet fibers can be divided into what?

Tufted carpets, acupuncture carpets, woven carpets, Rugs, carpets, bond static flocking carpet etc..

Compared with hand woolen carpets, chemical fiber carpets have light quality, wear resistance and bright colors. Comfortable, flexible, lightweight, easy laying method. Besides, chemical fiber carpets are cheaper than handmade woolen carpets.

The decorative effect of the carpets of chemical fiber mainly depends on the form of the surface structure of the carpet. The surface structure is different and the characteristics are different.

(L) plane looped pile:

It is characterized by full flat height, uncut cutting, smooth surface and durable and durable.

(2) multi needle pile height:

The characteristics of carpet looped pile of different heights, undulating surface, rich sense of sculpture, it seems that the pattern engraved on the carpet.

(3) cashmere (shearing):

The characteristic is to cut off the top of the circle, and the circle is two cashmere bundles, and the surface of the carpet is elegant and pure, a piece of continuous feeling.

(4) long woolen carpet:

The characteristics of pile yarn is more closely, with strict. There is a "color effect", which makes the color and lustre varied, or thick, or bright and dark.

(5) fleece (coarse wool carpet):

The number of features is closely integrated to produce small root pile, agglomeration effect, the carpet is very strong, suitable for frequent traffic places.

(6) tufted carpet:

After construction, the Terry is inserted into the first layer of backing cloth, then it is firmly positioned with a wave of latex. Then a layer of backing cloth is made to make it stronger. When choosing a chemical fiber carpet, users should choose the carpet of suitable color according to the color matching of interior decoration, and choose the surface structure form of carpet according to the requirement of the place and decoration. In addition, the physical property of the carpet should be considered when the carpet is selected.

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